Enchilada Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

So here we go!! As promised, tonight’s dinner recipe along with any tips or thoughts I have along the way…

This recipe comes from Kristen Boehmer at livinglovingpaleo.com. Definitely take a look at this website. Incredible story of an overcomer as well as loads of great paleo-friendly recipes. (Direct link to this recipe here)

When I did the Whole 30 last January, this recipe quickly became my husband Matt’s favorite. It’s a combination of spicy and sweet…and very filling. Perfect for a cold winter supper and it really doesn’t take much time to prepare (which is definitely NOT the case for a lot of paleo or Whole 30 recipes we have found.)

Amy’s pictures, thoughts and tips:

First things first. Get those sweet potatoes cooking. The higher temperature she suggests really does make them come out absolutely perfect…the skin will fall right off. I like to put the sweet potatoes right on the rack…but with a foil-lined cookie sheet right underneath to keep the sweet syrupy drippings from going into the oven.

Next, the onions:



If you choose to use coconut oil, it will give it an even sweeter flavor. Here I just used butter. Also, I doubled the posted recipe for tonight since we feed a family of 7!

Ground beef


Sometimes Sprouts has really great deals on grass fed ground beef…but when they don’t I will buy this brand at King Soopers (Kroger for all you Eastern US people)

BUT…don’t forget to drain off that fat!!


I mean really. Eww. Nuff said.

Then of course the garlic. This recipe calls for a LOT of garlic. Don’t be shy!!!! It gives it such a nice flavor. I get this from Costco. Literally have had it almost a year and it has lasted and still tastes great. I don’t really know if massive jars of garlic go bad…but as far as I’m concerned…it’s a great deal and saves oh so much minuscule chopping.


And then the rest of the spices: WARNING!!! This original recipe calls for FOUR TABLESPOONS of chili powder!!! People that is A LOT OF SPICE!!! In the past I have just cut it in half as my family members are not overly culinary heat-friendly. But doubling it I just couldn’t bring myself to use 4 whole tablespoons. So I did 3. Totally should have done 2. This is the part where you can really play around and just make it like you like it for your family.


Last but not least: the tomato sauce. ***sigh***

You know how when you are a kid and you’re in math and you are like “OH MY GOSH when am I ever going to use this??” Now. At 43. When you are doubling a recipe and need to add or multiply. Case in point, the following word problem: (of which I was always as much of a fan of as geography…and knowing where Pearl Harbor was….lest I digress…)


“Amy uses 2 cups of tomato sauce, or one 15 oz can, to make her enchilada sweet potatoes for 4 people. How many cans of tomato sauce will she need to serve 8 people? Show your work.”


Four? Is that the correct answer. Oh, wait, no??? Oh and she didn’t figure this out until all four cans were in:


Just a little saucy. Honestly though…the extra sauce helped spread out the spice and it turned out pretty good!!

Matt’s official rating 8 out of 10. Not bad for messing up one of his favorites!

So for the kiddos our original intention was to serve it on a bun like sloppy joe’s…however it was a little runny for that. So they got open faced sandwiches!


And loved it of course. For the rest of us…here it is served over that perfectly wonderful soft and sweet potato:


If you try this recipe I would love to hear your feedback!!! Or any feedback for that matter! Enjoy…keep it real everyone 🙂


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